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Balancing Serum

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Boomer Benefits

With its pure and ultra-powerful plant ingredients, this serum harmonizes the skin's sebum production and purifies the pores while it hydrates and moisturizes. It uses a blend of clarifying and astringent herbal stem cells, based on ancient Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, which detoxify and tighten oily skin's pores naturally. With continuous use, toned, clear, and revitalized skin will resurface.

  • Neem, sage, burdock, rosehip, and triphala (Indian berries of amalaki, haritaki, and bibhitaki) work together to brighten and purify skin.
  • Balancing oils of rosehip seed, grape seed, and argan regulate the skin's excess oil production while restoring moisture.
  • Hyaluronic acid and Aloe vera counteract signs of aging and support skin's natural renewal.
  • An invigorating blend of orange, lavender, niaouli, and tulsi essential oils clarifies the pores, reduces inflammation, and tones as it softens fine lines.

How to Use: After using Blue Beautifly cleansers and tonics, apply two or three pumps to the entire face and neck. Avoid getting directly into the eyes. Use morning and night.

Helpful Tip: Blue Beautifly facial treatments may be applied as layers to obtain synergistic benefits. For a robust balancing effect, apply after Balancing Cleanser and Balancing Tonic. For a more potent purification of pores and sebum harmonization, also use Balancing Mud Mask Powder.