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Deep Sea Mud Mask Powder

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Boomer Benefits

This mud mask detoxifies and regenerates the skin with its mineral-rich sea muds and plants born in the bottom of the sea. It delivers a potent combination of sea and earth minerals directly to the skin, magnifying its radiance and vitality naturally. It reduces inflammation, improves elasticity, removes dead skin cells, and strengthens the skin's natural cell-renewal process. With the use of this miraculous mask, your skin will look radiant, firm, renewed and youthful.

  • Dead Sea mud rejuvenates skin and improves its texture and firmness, while sea clay improves elasticity and blood circulation.
  • A potent seaweed blend of bladderwrack, spirulina, kelp, and blue green algae is rich in minerals and nourishes skin.

How to Use: Mix approximately 2 tsp of Mud Mask Powder with 2 tsp of liquid. The liquid can be any of the following: water, Organic Rose Toner, coconut water, fresh fruit juice, or fresh vegetable juice. For face only, reduce the mixture by half. If necessary, adjust the amounts slightly to achieve a smooth wet paste consistency. Wash your face and neck with a Blue Beautifly cleanser and leave your skin damp. Apply mask to damp face and neck. Avoid getting directly into the eyes. Leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse while massaging your skin in circular upward motion. Pat to dry. Follow with Blue Beautifly tonics and serums. Depending on your skin's needs and condition, use once or twice a week.

Helpful Tip: Adding a dash of this Mud Mask Powder to a few drops of Blue Beautifly cleansers makes a splendid scrub cleanser.