Resolving to Savor & Enjoy

New Year's is often a time to start anew, purging ourselves from our vices. However, this year we are certainly going to start fresh, but not by eliminating the things we love, but to change our mind set. Instead of working hard trying to avoid the things we love that we deem bad for us, such as the indulgence of chocolate, this year our resolution is not to avoid our favorite sinful treat, but to enjoy eating chocolate without making ourselves feel guilty. Life is just too short to deprive ourselves. So, we are going to vow not to overindulge, but savor one tasty morsel at a time. To celebrate this New Year's resolution we are sharing with you one of the simplest and most delectable chocolate decadences we have ever encountered. This recipe is so easy it almost seems a little crazy, but once we tried it we fell in love with it! These chocolate confections are not fat-free, gluten-free or even sugar-free, this doesn't make it easy to be guilt-free, but as long as we don't eat all of them at once I think we can resolve to savor and enjoy. We hope you do to.

  • Easy Chocolate Treats
    1 package of Oreo cookies
    8 oz cream cheese (1 block)
    12 oz of semi-sweet chocolate chips

    1. Put entire pack of Oreos and block of cream cheese in a food processor and blend together until creamy. If your food processor is not big enough just do it in batches.
    2. Chill in refrigerator to firm up
    3. Once firm, remove from fridge and begin to scoop small servings into your hand and roll to make a ¾" balls (smaller or larger if you prefer.) Place on a plate or baking sheet so you can set in the rows.
    4. Place in fridge to chill again
    5. Then, in a double boiler or microwave melt 12 oz of chocolate chips until creamy
    6. Remove balls from fridge and dip each into the melted chocolate.
    7. Place back on baking sheet to chill again so melted coating hardens.


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